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Professional 1.9.329.0 18/11/13
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FastPictureViewer Professional 1.9.329.0 18/11/13 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
FastPictureViewer Professional 19/06/13 Free English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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Minimalist photo viewer to quickly browse image folders

Elena Santos

Recent changes

  • User-selectable background color. The installer now remembers feature customizations when upgrading.
  • Attractive interface
  • Very quick to browse entire photo collections
  • Only supports JPG format
  • Doesn't include any extra tools

FastPictureViewer is a small and very fast application, so simple that it's purpose might not be immediately apparent. As a minimalist picture viewer, the program is optimized to do just one task: browse entire folders of digital photos in the shortest possible amount of time, while allowing for quick sharpness checks by instant flipping to 100% view and enabling single-click, fast copy of the keepers to a preset folder and single-keystroke Adobe XMP rating/labeling. That's about it. Of course FastPictureViewer can also be used for speed-browsing, rating or labeling an existing picture collection, but it does not offer any image editing, enhancing or cataloging function.

The entry-level, free-to-try Home Basic edition supports JPEG and the new Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp) image file format along with Adobe XMP metadata for rating and labels, in embedded and/or sidecar file form, and DirectX hardware acceleration on select graphic cards.

"Nowhere as fast as advertised and too many issues"

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  • Appearance8

I like the clean interface (hardly any menu items, just shortcuts). If the program would live up to its promises, it would be part of my workflow.

The problem is: it is not fast at all.

It starts reasonably fast on my editing computer (W7, 12 Gb, 8 core i7, 1Gb graphics card) but not anywhere near the "zero" seconds start claim. Mind you: I gave it max usage of RAM (it uses between 5 and 6 Gb then).

The integration with Windows Explorer looks nice, but once you click on a thumbnail you may have to wait for many seconds to display a RAW file. Sometimes this integration does not work at all and you don't see any thumbnail in your Explorer.

On my notebook (only 4Gb RAM, quad core i7) start-up times are between 8 and 20 seconds when clicking on a RAW file thumbnail or when opening with the last used directory.

TIFF files are another problem.

I think most photographers have TIFF files in photo directories, created when retouching a RAW file in Photoshop. Fast Picture Viewer cannot handle them well and when you are browsing through a directory of photos you have to wait up to a minute to have a TIFF file displayed. In other words: I went back to LR (4) for culling and if I want to view and zoom a large set of photos quickly I can go to View NX.

Already noted in other reviews: the developer has an attitude. I never experienced such rude and aggressive customer support. Also, the guy keeps on focusing on 1 detail of my complaint (TIFF display, he blames Microsoft referring to a knowledge db article about thumbnail creation, which is not the issue here) while ignoring repeatedly all other issues.

If you want to use this software for a professional workflow (culling) I can only say: don't, it looks nice in the beginning but once you start using it the flaws are too big to improve your workflow.

Another thing: in one of the reviews the tethering features of the product are praised, including mentioning of a live “tethered” view. This is not the claim of the developer and the tethering functions are indeed rather limited.

Last but not least, the site advertises a 30-day money back guarantee. Should have scrolled down a bit for a small, hardly noticeable, weird disclaimer that the developer is now using to counter my claim. It tried to find T&C´s on the site but could not find them.

  • Interface
  • Fast zooming once image is loaded
  • Slow initial load of image
  • Cannot handle displaying TIFF files well
  • Poor integration with Windows Explorer

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22 Feb 2013

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