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Minimalist photo viewer to quickly browse image folders

If you're tired of the Windows native image viewer and want to use another tool to browse through your photos, look no further. We found it for you: FastPictureViewer.

FastPictureViewer is a fast, straightforward photo viewer that lets you scan the contents of a whole photo folder in a very easy way. You can move along pictures with many different key combinations (arrow keys, + and – keys, page up and page down keys) and also the mouse wheel. Plus the mouse buttons can be customized to quickly zoom in a photo.

FastPictureViewer works only with JPG and HD photo formats, and also supports XMP ratings which are compatible with popular photo tools like Adobe Lightroom.

That said, don't expect to find many other features in this program. FastPictureViewer doesn't include all the bells and whistles you could expect from an image viewer. I would say FastPictureViewer is especially addressed to users who just need a tool to quickly review photos and pick those which need further editing.

The program features a sleek, dark interface with a minimalistic design that contributes to put all the attention on the photo itself.

FastPictureViewer is an attractive, easy photo viewer that's mainly focused on browsing large picture collections and doesn't include any extra tools like the ones you find in similar apps.

User-selectable background color. The installer now remembers feature customizations when upgrading.


  • User-selectable background color. The installer now remembers feature customizations when upgrading.

FastPictureViewer is a small and very fast application, so simple that it's purpose might not be immediately apparent. As a minimalist picture viewer, the program is optimized to do just one task: browse entire folders of digital photos in the shortest possible amount of time, while allowing for quick sharpness checks by instant flipping to 100% view and enabling single-click, fast copy of the keepers to a preset folder and single-keystroke Adobe XMP rating/labeling. That's about it. Of course FastPictureViewer can also be used for speed-browsing, rating or labeling an existing picture collection, but it does not offer any image editing, enhancing or cataloging function.

The entry-level, free-to-try Home Basic edition supports JPEG and the new Microsoft HD Photo (*.hdp, *.wdp) image file format along with Adobe XMP metadata for rating and labels, in embedded and/or sidecar file form, and DirectX hardware acceleration on select graphic cards.


  • Attractive interface
  • Very quick to browse entire photo collections


  • Only supports JPG format
  • Doesn't include any extra tools

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FastPictureViewer 1.9.360.0 for PC

User reviews about FastPictureViewer

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Don't waste your money on this program..
    Wasted my money on this. When I tried to view only my 4 star photos with the filter funMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Nowhere as fast as advertised and too many issues.
    I like the clean interface (hardly any menu items, just shortcuts). If the proMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    a mediocre program.
    I might be missing something, because from what I have seen in the trial version, the whole product doesn't jMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Really bad.
    The lack of basic features is really shocking, it wouldn't hurt the developer to add at least the ability to rotate, More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    A very fast Picture Viewer! .
    FastPictureViewer lives up to its name. It can open any large images with speed, due to its hardwarMore

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